Asphalt Batching Plant


SINOSUN asphalt batching plants are designed for international market and could be customized according to different requirements, covering a diverse range of products from 40 TPH to 240 TPH.

SAP series asphalt batching plant is the final solutions for customer requirements on quality , environment and economical investment.

With complete set of accessories, SINOSUN asphalt batching plant can process different materials,10%-35% RAP, modified bitumen, emulsified bitumen etc , and also produced special products , such as SMA ( stone mastic asphalt),colorful asphalt ,additives of liquid ,fibers of granular or cotton-shaped .

Cold aggregate supply system

Cold aggregate system includes cold aggregate bin, belt feeder, collection belt.Belt feeder adopts frequency motor drive, control range 1:25 can realize precise cold aggregate ration and the remote automatic control.

Broken arch vibrator
When the aggregate is wet sluggish, operator can choose manual forced vibration or automatic delay vibration according to the actual needs of the material.


Protective screening and pull switch are installed around the bin to ensure construction safety.
Drying system
Our dry drum adopts counter flow design. Burner is installed at the outlet port, dry drum incline to the outlet port, aggregate entering from entrance flow to the flame of burner; at the same time air heated by burner escape from outlet. Sufficient heat exchange is occurred between the cold aggregate and heated air when they flow countercurrent, so the aggregate is heated to a certain temperature. Thermocouple temperature measuring device equipped at the outlet control the temperature of aggregate combined with the control system of burner.


There are 3 different kinds of aggregate blades inside the drum. Screw blade at the entrance lead aggregate flow to the place ahead; mid blade make the aggregate form
uniform aggregate curtain which make the heat exchange effect between aggregate and air to the best; combustion region adopt T type blade forming a insulation layer between the wall of the drying drum and flame to prevent the wall temperature too high, the T type blade also make aggregate apart from flame, prevent flame extinguishing and prevent aggregate contact with unburned oil.

Drying drum adopt friction drive mode through roller and cylinder ring. Each roller is driven by separate motor. Startup mode using step-down starting, ensure that the load balance, reduce the overload of the motor, avoid roller shake.
Drum and cylinder ring adopt butterfly connection plate, ensure expansion of drum does not make stress to cylinder ring when drum body is heated, this also avoid drum body deformation. So it avoids welding damage caused by traditional steel plate connection.

Dust collection system
Container type dust collection system is equipped with primary gravitational dust collection and secondary bag dust collection, feature as follows: compact structure, fast installation, high dust collection efficiency.

1. Gravitational dust collection combine with bag dust collection, dust removal effect reach to 99.8%;
2. Dust bag with the United States DuPont NOMEX (Du Pont) materials, high temperature resistant, long service life;
3. Recycling dust can be again used, reducing environmental pollution;
4.Environmental protection, flue gas emissions<20mg/Nm³,CO₂<500ppm,NOx<60ppm,Sox=0.


Mixing tower


Asphalt mixing tower adopts modular design, the integral installation base, so installation is quick, disassembly is convenient, etc:
1. Container type structure can be directly into standard containers, transportation is convenient;
2. Integral steel structure installation base, without concrete foundation, fast installation
3. Walking platform with holes punched steel, light solid, prevent dust accumulation;
4. All the equipment will be pre- assembled and pre- commissioning before leave the factory, reducing on-site installation and commissioning time.

Vibration screen system

Our vibrating screen, discharge chute can be moved; maintenance personnel can direct contact to each layer sieve, changing any layer sieve does not need to remove the other screen.
Features as follow:
1. Mobile discharge end, pull-out screen, replacing the screen more convenient;


2. External maintenance-free shaft vibration, with international brands SKF or FAG bearings, performance more stable and reliable.

We adopt “Twin-shaft twin screw” batch mixer, fast stirring speed, and uniform mixing. When the blade wear, you can adjust the blade direction to continue to use, doubled extending the service life of blade. Mixing blade could adjust clearance between the cylinders. Mixing cylinder observation door is equipped with the interlock switch, in open state, stir bar and unloading system can't start , ensuring the safety of the maintenance staff.


1. Mixing cylinder adopts split type organization, assembly and maintenance more convenient and quick;
2. Synchronous mechanism adopts gear forced synchronization, synchronization - before mixing, more efficient;
3. Driving system adopts three axis synchronous gear box, high transmission efficiency;
4. Discharging door equipped with thermal oil heating or electric heating (optional), prevent adhesive material forming on the discharging door.
Control system
SAC Series control system uses the latest PROFIBUS bus management, the whole system is divided into separate control unit, truly realizing modular control system.
1.Each unit wiring of bus control system is finished in factory, simplifying the work site wiring, rapid installation, convenient to move.

2.Humanized console, independent computer control system; equipped with touch screen at the same time, realize man-machine conversation; realize dual control system of the automatic and manual, two sets of system can be freely convertible; each system can control production independently, making the control more stable and reliable.
3.Control system adopts SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER electronic components, HP industrial computer and printer, the internationalization of accessories ensure the performance is remarkable.


4.Intelligent system of the control software can realize continuous production process inspection; ensure the production process in accordance with the procedures settled. Preventive maintenance procedures, maintenance logs, sound and light alarm, analog I/O digital signal display, process chart, run simulation or more system characteristic greatly facilitate the operation of the managers.
5.Database of the control system can store including production, recipe, maintenance and all kinds of information, linked with printer can print all kinds of data at any time, can also be converted into electronic files, through hard disk, U disk, floppy disk transfer to other computers.
6.The expansion functions of the system software is rich, such as cold hopper add, RAP metering and rationing, additive measurement, the control of the finished product bin, etc., to meet customer's demand for future updating equipment.
7.We developed a remote service platform. Customers can real-time monitor the scene of equipment running status through the remote service platform, SINOSUN, meanwhile, can realize remote assistance through the remote service platform, embedded fault detection diagnosis and maintenance, reduce equipment failure rate, increase benefits for our customers.
8.Control room adopts container structure, convenient hoisting and transportation; electric control cabinet is separated from console, make the working environment of operator more comfortable.

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