SAP240 Asphalt Batching Plant-240TPH


Components of SAP240 Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Cold Aggregate Feeding System
  • Drying System( Drying Drum & Burner)
  • Hot Aggregate Elevator
  • Mixing Tower( Vibrating Screen, Main Tower, Mixer, Weighing System)
  • Bitumen Supplying System
  • Dust Collecting System( Primary Dust Collecting, Secondary Dust Collecting)
  • Electrical Control System
  • Filler Supplying System

1.Cold Aggregate Feeding System
a.SAP240 asphalt mixing plant consists of 4 units of cold aggregate bins. Each cold aggregate bin includes one set of variable speed discharge belt feeder.
b.There is one set of alarming device in each cold aggregate bin in case of no aggregates supplying during operation.
c.The belt feeder adopt variable speed to discharge the aggregates.
d.Each aggregate bin has a screen to prevent the big size being discharged into the drying drum.
e.The Sand bin adopts vibrating device to prevent sticky aggregates hard being discharged into the belt feeder.
2.Drying System
The drying drum adopts four wheel friction to work.motor is started by reducing voltage, insulating layer adopted in outside of drying drum. And drying surface is packaged by stainless steel.
Burner choose well-known brands (opel, riello, black &decker, etc.), more can choose such as coal or natural gas combustion medium.
Cylinder and ejecting blade of heat-resisting steel manufacturing, longer life.
3.Aggregate Elevator
The hot aggregate elevator adopts flat link chain to drive, the chain bucket has protective device.
The non-return device adopted in drive wheel can prevent the chain from reversing.


4.Mixing Tower
a.The vibrating adopts four layer’s design. The outside of screen is closed by protective cover, so that dust won’t going out from the screen. Uniaxial external structure make the maintenance work more convenient.
b.Hot aggregate storage bin has level indicator,the hot aggregate storage bin has big volume so that feeding aggregates will be more stable.
c.Aggregate weighing system and filler weighing system all have anti-dust device.
d.The bitumen adopt secondary weighing, which will be more accurate. The usage of spiraling pump discharge the bitumen into the mixer uniformly.
e.The asphalt mixer adopt twin shaft design, pneumatic discharging finished product.
f.Surrounding of discharging gate including attemperator.
g.The high locating structure can guaranty the dump truck loading the finished products easily.
h.The bottom of finished bin can be extensible.
5.Dust Collecting System
Adopting primary dust collecting by gravity, secondary dust collecting by water filter dust collecting design,which is more environmentally friendly.
The bulky grain can be recycled after primary dust collecting.
The dust can be discharged or reused after secondary dust collecting,higher environmental standards.
6.Bitumen System
Asphalt by heat conduction oil heating, convenient operation, safe and reliable. Asphalt aging.
Heat conduction oil central heating, more economical and practical.
Capacity expansion of asphalt tank number is simple and convenient ,and the cost is low.


7.Filler System
Mineral powder is centralized storage by storehouse,and equipped with centralized dedusting, no dust overflow.
Powder storehouse is equipped with high and low material level meter, real-time detection powder capacity.
8.Electronic Control
a.We adopt famous international brand (like SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB) electronic elements, working performance is reliable and stable.
b.The adoption of PLC and Industrial computer make the operation more easy.
c.The Multifunctional printer can print and storage date anytime.
d.Big capacity formula function can meet client’s various need.
e.Optional remote fault detection.
f.Container type control room, strong and durable, economy and beautiful.
g.The Manual/automatic operation can be shifted freely.

Main Technical Parameters Of SAP240 Asphalt Batching Plant:

Rated Capacity


Under standard working condition

Installation Power


Standard, fuel type: oil

Size of Aggregates



Rated Drying Capacity


5% moisture

Mixing period



Capacity of mixer



Fuel Consumption

≤6.5kg/T finished product


Fuel type

Bunker oil/ Diesel


Control method

Manual/ Automatic


Temperature of finished product



Aggregate weighing accuracy


Dynamic condition

Filler weighing accuracy


Dynamic condition

Bitumen weighing accuracy


Dynamic condition

Emission Concentration


Water dust collector