Key role of mobile asphalt plant

trailer of mobile asphalt mixing plant

The bituminous pavement has a number of strengths including surfacing,non-seam,comfortable driving,good wear resistance,little vibration,low noise,short construction period,easy maintenance,installment construction,etc. So the bituminous pavement has been developed rapidly and become more and more popular.

After years of fast development,bituminous pavement has become the main type of freeways and municipal roads of major metropolitans all around the world.

Nowadays, asphalt road construction become popular for small-medium cities and other regions. For asphalt road constructions in other places, the construction companies usually choose to relocate the existing asphalt mixing plants to the project locations and set up mobile asphalt mixing plant in consideration of such factors as transportation cost, handling cost and equipment purchase cost.

One of the most important factor which influence the commissioning date, project progress and construction quality greatly is how to set up the mobile asphalt mixing plant rapidly and manage the mobile asphalt mixing plant efficiently.

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trailer of mobile asphalt mixing plant
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