Management of mobile asphalt plant

Mobile asphalt mixing plant is one of our most popular kind asphalt plants. The latest generation of our mobile asphalt plant is MAP series asphalt mixing plant. It is easy to manage. How to manage the mobile asphalt plant?

Management of mobile asphalt mixing plant includes equipment control,production schedule,quality monitor of raw material and asphalt,safety production management,etc.


Equipment control
If the asphalt mixing plant was out of order, the whole production process have to be interrupted, so how to manage the equipment is some important work.

1.Lubrication management.
Academic research and practice experience make it clear that materiality wears of most machinery equipments were caused by lack of lubrication. So, a relevant maintenance plan focused on the lubrication of core parts of the asphalt mixing plants is necessary for the replacement and recondition of core parts while also because it is more difficult in case there are any problems of them.
Besides, notice that choose the corresponding right lubricating grease. For instance, lithium-based grease with cheaper price could be chose for the common bearing while special grease can endure high temperatures for key parts.

2.To perform the preventive maintenance for utility equipment according to preventive maintenance plan.
Check the operation condition of easy-to-wear parts regularly, and change the parts according the different attrition grades.
3.Management of spare parts.
For mobile asphalt mixing plant is usually  set up in more remote areas away from the city center, it is more difficult to buy the accessories, especially such vulnerable parts as scale board,screen, etc. which need about one month to produce and deliver, so more than three sets of spare parts in the storehouse.

Production Schedule

Production schedule includes how to arrange the raw materials, production team, transportation team and site construction personnel, etc. Each step should be scheduled reasonably to meet any need of the asphalt mixing plant.

Quality Control

The raw materials of asphalt mixing plant include asphalt, aggregate,
diesel, etc. should be controlled by both the material man and lab personnel.
When feed the asphalt, its performance indicators such as softening point, asphalt penetration and ductility should be checked casually. When feed the aggregate, the following projects should be tested: specification and content of needle-like particles, and inspect the silt content and crushing strength of the samples.
Quality of the finished products should be controlled by both the production team and lab personnel.
Production work should be on stream according to the grading strictly, and test the finished products on appearance and temperature.
Besides, the lab personnel should test the finished asphalt mixing materials by the Marshall test or other experiments.

Safety in production management

To make sure the safety of equipment and personnel in productive process, effective precautions should be taken.
(1) Establish and carry out the safe production responsibility system.
(2) Working out and supervising the Safe Operation Procedure.
Daily safety training for the workers at regular intervals.