SAP80 and SAP120 Asphalt Plant installed in Thailand in Sept

In September,2016, after our engineers more than one month of intense installation and commissioning, our SAP80 asphalt plant and SAP120 asphalt mixing plant are running in Trang,South of Thailand, and Lampang,the north of Thailand.

Our SAP series asphalt mixing plant is based on the previous old design, combined with the Italian MARINI design concept, developed a new generation of energy-saving asphalt mixing plant.
Asphalt mixing equipment mainly consists of cold aggregates system, drying system, combustion system, hot elevator, vibrating screen, hot bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, filler supply system, dust collector system, storage silo and control system. In accordance with the Thai road requirements, we removed the powder system for Thailand market.


Cold aggregates supply System,equipped with two vibrator, and the lack of material alarm device, the domestic well-known brand motor reducer. The metering belt is designed with side-wall to effectively prevent the cold material from dropping, and the belt adopts the seamless adhesive belt, which greatly reduces the belt running noise.
The drying system and the mixer motor adopt the German Nord brand,ensure the long-term stable operation of the drum and the mixer.The fuel burner is equipped with the Italy Ebico brand burner, which can burn completely, the flame is stable, and the weighing sensor adopts the American Mettler Toledo brand,to ensure accurate measurement of stability.
After more than one month hard-working to install and testing the asphalt plant, and thanks for the local worker’s close cooperation, finally our equipment pass the acceptance of local government departments and the recognition of customer satisfaction.

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